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Peekaboo Bottoms Cloth Diaper Test Drive Program

I didn’t find out about Peekaboo Bottom’s cloth diaper test drive programs until I have already ordered a stash.  However, I still signed up to test the diapers I haven’t ordered.

The program is super easy and useful for anyone wanting to try out cloth diapers but not sure where to start or even whether it is for them: you select a package you want to try, pay for it with deposit included in the amount, and they will send you a few different used diapers (one of each).  You can then use them for two weeks.  After you send them back the (cleaned!) diapers two weeks later, they will refund you the deposit if they find everything fine.  Alternatively, you can keep all the diapers and opt not to get the deposit back.

I chose packages A+B (package A is one-sizes, package B is all-in-ones).  I was also tempted to try package C (fitteds and covers), but that can probably wait until later.  Package D is newborn diapers, and my DS has definitely outgrown them–I doubt they would’ve fitted him for two months anyway.

On top of the test drive packages, I also ordered a Kozy Carrier from Peekaboo Bottoms.  This will be the 5th baby carrier I have, in addition to the Hotslings, Moby Wrap, and BabyTrekker I have on hand, and a Pippalily I ordered earlier today.  I fancy a mei tai-style carrier will be easier for me to get around the house and actually do something.  The Hotslings, while simple and convenient, just didn’t cut it, because DS wiggles in the side carry position and I constantly had to keep one hand on him.

Hopefully I won’t mix up the test drive diapers with the ones I actually bought!

The Beginning of Cloth Diapering, Part Deux

I mentioned in my last post that I wasn’t planning to buy any more cloth diapers for now.

I lied.

Partly thanks to last night’s #clothdiapers chat, I ordered two (sized) pocket diapers from GADBaby, and three Gro Baby one-size diapers (two with hooks, one with snaps).

That brings the total of my cloth diaper stash to a dozen, not counting the gDiapers + gFlappers combination.

On top of all the diaper purchases, I bought a cloth diaper pattern from Little Comet Tails and a few yards of cloth–yes, I am going to sew my own diaper!

(And I don’t even own a sewing machine. Yet.)

I am also tempted to buy a prefolds kit by Bummis.  Someone please stop me before I do!

The Beginning of Cloth Diapering

I ordered a total of 7 one-size all-in-one cloth diapers today (two 3-packs of Smartipants and one bumGenius one-size).  This is in addition to the gDiapers starter kits I already have, two additional gDiapers starter kits and a case of gRefills flushable inserts for the gDiapers arriving tomorrow, plus 10 g-Flapper bamboo inserts for the gDiapers I ordered along with the bumGenius.

Why would I order all these diapers when I already have three boxes of size-3 Pampers diapers sitting at home?  And why do I want to switch to cloth all of a sudden anyway?

In truth, I had contemplated going cloth since before DS was born.  I was talked out of it by the following reasons:

  1. It’s a lot of work.
  2. It’s messy (and icky)!

However, the people who warned me against cloth diapering were armed with outdated information.  My warnings on cloth diapers were from my own mother and my mother-in-law, whose cloth diapering experiences were 30 years old and consisted of flats and safety pins.  I am fairly confident almost nobody uses flats now–the closest to flats would be prefolds, and Snappis and diaper covers have all but eliminated the need of safety pins.

In hindsight, part of me was glad that I listened.  As DS was exclusively breastfed, he was pooping during every meal when he was a newborn.  That was a lot of diapers I didn’t have to wash.  However, things on disposable-land weren’t much of an improvement, as I had to deal with many blowout episodes anyway.

Lately, the part of me who wanted cloth diapers have found out about all-in-ones, which are as close to disposables as cloth diapers can be.  Then, yet other part of me who thinks DS will outgrow sized diapers too fast for them to be worth the money found out about one-size all-in-ones.  These two parts motivated me to make all the purchases I mentioned above.

I probably won’t order more diapers for now.  After all, I still have the three boxes of Pampers to deal with.