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I have a Moby Wrap, a Hotslings, and a BabyTrekker.  Each has its own usefulness, but I could never figure out how to nurse in them.

Lately, as DS become more clingy, I found myself longing a mei tai, because I couldn’t figure out how to do back carry properly in any of my carriers neither.

So I bought myself a Kozy Carrier.  It’s nothing fancy, just a mei tai.  My mom, who only knew mei tai, showed me how to do back carry with it.  My hands are finally free to do chores!

Trying out the Kozy Carrier

Trying out the Kozy Carrier

Then I bought a Beco Butterfly 2 in Carnival print.  It’s pretty and comfortable–so much chicer (is that a word?) than the 10-year-old BabyTrekker I received for free.  The downside of the Beco is it becomes personal: I don’t want anyone else to mess with my strap settings.  Everyone else can choose between the Kozy and the BabyTrekker!