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Fresh(est/esque) off the Needles — Baby Blanket


This is a baby blanket originally destined to be a gift for Pia and Joseph’s first baby. For some reason, I thought/mistook the baby would be a boy, so I picked two blue(ish) colours. I was just informed it will be a baby girl–after I finished it. Fortunately, another friend has just announced she is having a baby due in September, and they’re saying it should be a boy, so I can redirect this blanket to that baby instead. 🙂 As for Pia and Joseph’s baby, well, I have originally planned to knit two blankets in this pattern, the second one in white and red, which I think will suit a baby girl. 🙂

The nitty gritty: I followed the OpArt pattern from Knitty Fall ’08. It was knitted in KnitPicks CotLin DK Yarn (70% Tanguis Cotton, 30% Linen).  The lighter shade is Glacier, and the darker shade is Blackberry, which is a dark purple with blue undertone.  Although the pattern called for 2 32″ circular needles, I was able to knit it using a single KnitPicks Harmony Wood circular in size 8 with 60″ cable, using magic loop technique for the earlier, inner rounds.  The picture was taken before I wove in the ends.  It’s currently being blocked.

[Thanks FBB for posing.]





The Latest Favourite Toy

I can’t believe the latest favourite toy of FBB is one of these…


Yes, a bottle of honey.  In particular, the bear-shaped bottle of honey.

The story went like this: one day, my parents took him to grocery shopping (as they–and we–always do).  Since my mom’s house has run out of honey, my dad grabbed a bottle, the bear-shaped bottle, and placed it into the shopping cart.  FBB saw it, and immediately claimed the bottle as his.  In fact, he went on his usual generous streak, “this (bottle) is FBB’s.  This (another bottle) is Grandma’s.  This (yet another bottle) is Mama’s…”  (I think he stopped at the third bottle.)  My parents ended up buying two botttles, one for themselves and another for FBB.

At home, we still have about 2/5 of a large bottle of Billy Bee honey left, plus two other bottles of the farmer market variety.

Once home, FBB kept asking us to hold him, open the cupboard we store honey in, and get him the bear-shaped bottle.  Initially, he asked us to open the bottle, as he wanted us to make him drinks with it.  We said no, stating we still have the other bottle left.

Eventually, he stopped asking us to open the bottle, just treating it as a toy: as we prepare for school this morning, he packed the (rather large) bottle into his “school” bag.  We watched him struggle carrying the bag with one hand/arm, as he kept denying my request to aid him in holding the bag.  (I knew better than taking the bottle out.)

Sounds Familiar

From the book “The Agile Samurai”

1Q84 讀後感


帶點科幻、帶點懸疑、帶點玄… 令我想起很久沒讀過的衞斯理作品。當然,感情描寫方面比倪匡要好。





A Day of Many Occasions

Today is apparently Groundhog Day.  The groundhogs predict 6 more weeks of winter.  Great.

Perhaps fittingly, today is also a snow day due to the storm.  FBB’s school is closed, and both Daniel and I chose to work from home.  (Good luck getting any work done.)

Since tomorrow is Chinese New Year, this marks today as Chinese New Year Eve.  It’s a day traditionally celebrated by a huge family gathering dinner, with special celebratory dishes.  Since we had our family gatherings on both sides of the family already, our dinner tonight won’t be any special.

Unfortunately, today is also a family-wide sick day.  The virus which has been circulating in our quarters (or the whole city, it seems)–the one which has caused fever in every one of us already–is winning.  All of us are coughing and have stuffy, runny nose.  Additionally, Daniel is feverish, and I have what feels like inflammation in my throat.  FBB seems to be the healthiest one around here, relatively speaking.

Oh, how I (don’t) look forward to shoveling!