Preliminary Diet Trial Run

I decided to give slow-carb diet (as made famous by Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Body) a trial run this week.

My system is admittedly not 100% slow-carb-proof, yet it is simple to follow.  Namely:

  • Have a low-carb protein drink for breakfast.  (This I already do, mostly because mornings are usually pretty busy.  The only difference is I will switch from water to almond milk to make the shake more filling.)
  • Substitute all instances of milk with unsweetened almond milk.  (This I already do, since I hate cow’s milk.  I might try to make my own almond milk when I have time, but the cartons are fine.)
  • Skipping all sweeteners to tea or coffee.  (I like my tea black, so that’s not a problem.  With coffee, I can do it with a lighter roast.)
  • Skipping all sweet drinks and desserts, including juices.  (Not much of a problem; it’s not part of my regular diet.)
  • Avocado or a handful of unsalted nuts for snacking if needed.  Or, just have another protein shake.  (Stocked.)
  • Avoid–or at least lower–fruit intake.  (I don’t completely agree on Tim Ferriss’s experiment with fruit juice and extending the claim of negative effect to all fruits.  I’ll limit my fruit intake and stick to whole fruits.)
  • Perhaps the biggest change of all–substitute rice/noodles with lentils or black beans.  (Conducting trail run this week.  I already know I like black beans enough, but I want to try lentils because black beans are a little more bloating.  Plus, lentils it looks closer to actual rice.  Unico brand canned lentils worked, but I’m trying to stay away from too much canned food, so I’m trying dried lentils next.)

That’s the beauty of (southern) Chinese cooking–the dishes are mostly slow-carb already, so one only needs to take the rice out of the equation and replace it with a slow-carb like lentils or beans.  I’m not going to fuss about the tiny amount of gluten in soy sauce, the sauce slightly thickened with corn starch, the trace amount of sugar used in seasoning, or the fact tofu is on the “bad” list because of elevated estrogen.

(Note to non-Chinese: we don’t eat soy sauce by the boatload.  The amount we–at least my family–regularly use in a dish shared by 4 people is less than what I see some random white guy add to an already-soy-sauce-laden dish in a Chinese restaurant.  Of course, the same guy would then go on to complain about Chinese food being full of MSG–even if none is specifically added to the dish or the condiments used on the dish, MSG is a naturally occurring of the fermenting process of soy sauce.)

I think what I’ll miss the most in this diet (outside of cheat days) is chocolate.  So I just have to make sure I pick a tasty chocolate flavoured protein shake!

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