Why We Won’t Enrol Our Son in YRDSB’s French Immersion Program

Our beloved son FBB is in SK. I have been contemplating enrolling him in French Immersion.

Since he is currently in a Catholic school, in addition to whether to enrol in French Immersion or English stream, we also have the choice of enrolling him at either the Catholic or public system.

(Both Catholic and public school systems are 100% government-funded.  They operate as separate entities, and, as such, sometimes have different philosophies and different policies.)

Obviously, the English public school has been ruled out on the day we enrolled him in the Catholic system.  The sole reason we originally put him in Catholic school is because the school is closer to home.

We attended the information session at the Catholic French Immersion school last month, and the public French Immersion school last night.

Right after we walked out of the school door last night, we agreed to rule it out.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. Catholic board policy states, when one student is in the French Immersion school, all siblings are automatically accepted at the school and, more importantly, even the siblings not in French Immersion program still have school bus rights (we are far enough to get bus).  Public board has no such policy to keep siblings together.
  2. In our particular area, the public French Immersion program happens at one school for grades 1-3, and a different school for grades 4-8.  Both schools are far enough for us to get school bus.  Since our kids are four years apart, they will almost never be at the same school–even if both are in French Immersion.  For all we know, the kids may have crazily different school bus schedule.
  3. The Catholic FI school has 2 FI classes with about 17 students each, and 1 English class with about 12 students.  The grade 1-3 public FI school has 5 FI classes alone, plus 2 English classes.
  4. Perhaps partially related to the difference in school sizes, the staff at public FI school feels more rigid and less friendly than the Catholic FI school.  The parents at the public FI school’s information session also seem more of the aggressive, helicopter type.  I think I sniff the scent of a few tiger moms as well.
  5. The Catholic FI school has a LEGO robotics after school club. 🙂

We still aren’t sure if we will enrol him in French Immersion.  All I know is, he won’t be in the public system next school year.

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