Year of Horse Outlook

January 1 of 2014 has come and gone. Many people have set (and some probably already failed) their new year resolutions.

I haven’t.

It wasn’t as much a problem of finding potential resolutions. Everyone can resolve to better health by ways of weight-loss, exercise, diet and the whole shebang–there’s always room for improvement. A lot of people wouldn’t mind making their financial outlook a little brighter by debt reduction, earning more, and increase savings. Self-improvement is also a big thing; many want to learn a new skill, language, or knowledge, or improve one they already know.

I could pick one or more from these areas and call it a day. I may even get bonus points for setting concrete, measurable goals.

Yet, I haven’t.

I haven’t set any resolution, because December is always a hectic time to properly reflect on the year. By the time January 1 comes, I feel ill-prepared to set a goal for that new year.

Contrarily, January is often a slow month, giving ample of time to reflect and plan.

I’m Chinese.  I will turn 36 in 2014. Chinese believe in 12-year cycles; this year with mark the start of my 4th cycle. I decide to start things anew.

(Oops, did I just tell the whole world my age?!)

I am starting my New Year Resolutions on Chinese New Year.

While CNY always falls on a different (Gregorian) date, it has this neat property to always fall on a day between late January to February. And, as I’m surrounded by plenty of extended family, I don’t have to the luxury to forget about it.

(I suppose I could use a more defined date and system, like the Groundhog Day Resolution chosen by my productivity hero David Seah. But watching groundhogs trying to find their shadows is nowhere as fun as receiving red pockets!)

What’s In Store for Cindy in the Year of Horse?

This is the first year of my personal cycle.  Aptly, the theme of the year is Renewal.

Here are my 3 goals:

  • Health: Lose 20 lbs of fat — This is pretty self-explanatory.  Losing 20 lbs of fat will bring me closer to my pre-baby body.  I’ll post more on how I plan to achieve this.
  • Financial: Start a new business in 2014 and find 3 paying customers — This needs more reflection on the WHAT.  And more hustle for the HOW.
  • Intellectual: Write 4 programs/applications for each of 12 different programming languages — One language for each month; one program for each week.

Here are a list of new habits I intend to form:

  • Exercise every day.  (“Off” days will still have active recovery.)
  • Floss my teeth every day.  (Hey, don’t judge.)
  • Keep a journal.  (The perfect excuse to buy a Moleskin?)
  • Practice copywriting every day.  (I’ve come to believe copywriting is a very versatile and transferable soft skill .)
  • Work on business for 1 hour every day.
  • At least one code push to github every day.

I still have another 20 days to flash out the detail, such as what exercise and diet regime to follow (or experiment), how to perform exploration on the business to start, which programming languages to learn, defining the cue/anchor for each habit, etc.

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