No Shawl for Me!

The Wisteria Arbor Shawl I kept trying and failing was frogged last week.  After too many frustrated attempts, I decided to switch to the Japanese Garden Shawl instead.

The pattern was nice, but again, I ran out of yarn on Saturday.

I thought about frogging and reknitting with less repeats, but finally gave up–the yarn was just not cut out for shawl-knitting.

As a result, I’m still shawl-less.

While I was still struggling with the shawl, FBB asked me to knit something for him and something for Daddy.  He didn’t know I have already started knitting the red train from the Land and Sea Playset from Knit Picks.

The truck is still UFO though, as I realized I only have 1 week left before nieces Jessie and Kelly leave for the whole summer.  I’m trying to crank out a skirt (from the Sheepy Time Knits Skirt Collection) for each of them.  These should knit up really fast, as I don’t plan to get fancy with them aside from edging.  In the mean time, I have to decide is whether to make the second skirt in the same or different style–sibling rivalry is a tricky business.

I’m only at waist + 3″ on the first (bigger) one; hopefully I can finish them on time.

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