Work in Progress — May 13, 2011

Wisteria Arbor Shawl

This is my first ever adventure in lace knitting.  The pattern is from the book Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders.  Instead of using the specified yarn, I chose a random sock yarn in my stash, which happened to be a lone skein of LANG JAWOLL COLOR Aktion, with brown, 3 shades of pink, and a light purple.  Looks like ice cream and a bit too busy in colour for a shawl to me, to say the truth.  The 75% supwerwash wool / 25% nylon content seems too springy for a lace shawl.

The pattern calls for 17 repeats, and I’m at 11 right now.

Since thie shawl has no intended recipient nor deadline, I’m started to feel bored about it.

Baby Surprise Jacket

This pattern is published and republished in multiple places, but was definitely a genius invention of Elizabeth Zimmermann.  Specifically, I’m reading the pattern from The Opinionated Knitter.

The yarn I picked was some Knit Picks CotLin–leftover from the OpArt blanket.  I have no idea how much yarn I’ll need for this project, but I should have enough.

This one will be gifted next weekend.  Hopefully I have time to whip up at least one more for another upcoming baby in Hong Kong!

Longies #2

This is definitely in the UFO (unfinished object) state.  I haven’t touched this for at least two weeks.  The leg holes are sitting around, waiting to be knitted.  Because of the ginormous gauge, the body is very big.  Since the legs will be of a different colour anyway, my thought is to knit the legs in K1P1 or K2P2 ribbing, so that it looks like bloomers + leggings.  Hopefully.

Medium Soaker

Another UFO.  It really just need about an hour to finish the leg ribbings, but I just can’t find the love for it.

Sheepy Skirts

I haven’t started these yet, which are intended for the nieces.  Since the girls are leaving for Hong Kong in a month, I don’t have as much time as I thought I’d have.  (I thought I could give it to them in July!)  I’m thinking of switching one to a halter or spaghetti strap sundress, which hopefully lasts longer, size-wise…

UPDATE: The Oriental Lily Dress (found via Ravelry) is sooo lovely!  I might do this one instead.

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