A Day of Many Occasions

Today is apparently Groundhog Day.  The groundhogs predict 6 more weeks of winter.  Great.

Perhaps fittingly, today is also a snow day due to the storm.  FBB’s school is closed, and both Daniel and I chose to work from home.  (Good luck getting any work done.)

Since tomorrow is Chinese New Year, this marks today as Chinese New Year Eve.  It’s a day traditionally celebrated by a huge family gathering dinner, with special celebratory dishes.  Since we had our family gatherings on both sides of the family already, our dinner tonight won’t be any special.

Unfortunately, today is also a family-wide sick day.  The virus which has been circulating in our quarters (or the whole city, it seems)–the one which has caused fever in every one of us already–is winning.  All of us are coughing and have stuffy, runny nose.  Additionally, Daniel is feverish, and I have what feels like inflammation in my throat.  FBB seems to be the healthiest one around here, relatively speaking.

Oh, how I (don’t) look forward to shoveling!

One response to “A Day of Many Occasions

  1. i thought phil didn’t see his shadow = early spring?

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