Back to Work

Ha! The last post only took me a month to write!  I blame work.

Yes, work.  I’m back to work full time shortly after DS has turned one.  That’s after 2 weeks of vacation + 2 weeks of unpaid waiting period + 50 weeks of compensated maternity leave + 3 weeks of vacation I accumulated in the year I was on mat leave.  Although I certainly would welcome even longer mat leave, I’m already very grateful to be with DS all the time for one full year.  Canadian government I thank ya!

My mom is taking care of DS at our home during the day.  She comes over before we leave for work and stays until we get home!  To me, it’s the next best thing for DS.  My mom is super good with kids–she almost opened a home care about a decade ago)–and she happened to be laid off during the recession, so it was perfect.

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