Traveling with Baby

I finally found the time to blog!

Long story short, in early October, we went to Greece for my brother’s wedding in Santorini for 10 days.  A week later, an unplanned trip sprung up and I found my little family of three having a 4-week stay across the other big pond in Hong Kong.

Transatlantic and transpacific flights with a 10-11 months old baby on lap was a lot harder than going without the baby. For one thing, an 11-month-old would require constant holding, whether he was sleeping or awake.  Putting him to sleep in the flight was a major obstacle.  We tried wearing him and walking up and down the aisle, humming, nursing–you name it.  Try as we might, we just couldn’t get him to sleep longer than 3 hours.  It then took at least another 2 hours for him to fall asleep again.  Even with him asleep, we were still constantly worrying about him falling from our laps and couldn’t sleep well ourselves.  As a result, by the time we arrived at our destination, everyone was exhausted.

Once we arrived at our destination, the first thing everyone wanted was a good night of rejuvenating sleep.  This part was easier for us than some; since we had been co-sleeping at home, all three of us could sleep on the same bed, even if it’s not our own.  We did drag our Pack ‘n Play all the way to Hong Kong, hoping he might at least be content to play inside it while I get some housework done.  Alas, that thing was used about a handful of times, all ended in tears.

As to transporting the baby for sightseeing and around town, we opted not to bring our stroller–a big, fat, full-size Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe.  To us, bringing a stroller to Europe and Asia seemed illogical, or at least impractical.  There were too many people, too many narrow sidewalks and roads, too many stairs.  To me, strollers are just really for shopping malls.  My mom, who traveled to Greece as well (it was my brother’s destination wedding) didn’t agree with my decision.  She almost bought me an umbrella stroller when we first arrived in Athens, until I swore I would not use it even if she did buy one.

Instead, I was using a Kozy Carrier almost exclusively in Greece.  Well, more like DH was using the Kozy mei tai.  It’s great he loves babywearing as well!  In Hong Kong, I chose a Beco Butterfly 2 instead, because I was mostly traveling alone with DS and don’t have extra hands to keep straps/wraps from the ground.  I ride on the MTR (subway) all the time with DS in Butterfly2 in front, backpack diaper bag on my back, and sometimes his booster seat on the side if I knew we were going to a restaurant.  Half of the time, nobody would offer me a seat, but I never expected much.

Without any idea what the laundry situation would be like in Greece or Hong Kong, I chose to bring gDiapers and GroBaby, with their respective flushable soakers, for our diapering needs.  To me, that’s the next best thing to using cloth diapers.  Unfortunately, they were more prone to leaks than cloth diapers–partly because we weren’t very vigilant–so we had to bring extra sets of clothes in our diaper bag.

Looking back, I would call both trips a success.  DS was not very weary of the new environments or friendly strangers he met along the way.  Being with Mommy 100% of the time helped a lot.  The best part?  When he grows up, he can brag about being in three different continents before he turned one!

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