Diaper Quick Review: Gro Baby

When I first heard about Gro Baby, I immediately wanted to like it.

When I first used Gro Baby, I had two consecutive leaks! I was so disappointed.

Then I realized it was my fault: the soaker wasn’t washed enough, and normal cloth diapers just isn’t meant for my DS’s night time use.

Now I use it exclusively during the day, and maybe during nap time. I have never used it as a cover for a gDiapers flushie, but I heard it works.

Things I like:
Hook and Tape: The hook and tape on the Gro Baby isn’t like your regular cloth diaper. For one thing, the hook doesn’t scratch! And the tape side is so big I can tape it whichever way I want, which is good, because DS’s got chubby thighs but not a very big waist.
AI2: I have 3 Gro Baby covers (2 hook & tape and 1 snap) and 8 soakers. On the days I use Gro Baby, I can use up all the soakers and the cover still stay clean.
Cotton: While microfleece is nice to help stay dry, I prefer natural fiber over synthetics.
Biosoaker: I haven’t tested the new disposable biosoaker for Gro Baby, but I heard good things about it.

Things I don’t like:
Booster: The booster is too thin in my books. I wish it’s double the size.
Absorbency: The soaker doesn’t hold as much fluid as my trusted all-bamboo gFlapper. With the Gro Baby, I have to change within 3 hours.
Size: DS is only 10 months old and is already using the highest rise setting and, for the snap version, the widest waist setting. While I understand he is built bigger than most 10-month-olds, and he’s at the highest rise setting for most one-size diapers we use, I still prefer it to be bigger.
Proprietary: While I can use other inserts with the Gro Baby shell in a pinch, the Gro Baby soakers doesn’t work with other diapers.
Cost: A Gro Baby shell + soaker costs more than a regular pocket diaper.

Verdict: 8 out of 10

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