Vacation with gDiapers

gDiapers is my first entry to “alternative” diapering.  I bought a starter pack, size medium, about two months ago, and I have never looked back.  (I have since bought more.  Way more.)

So when DH decided to surprise me with a getaway for all three of us last weekend–telling me on Thursday night that we were to leave on Friday afternoon, sending me into a packing frenzy up to the minute I left home–I chose to use gDiapers with flushies instead of my stash of AIOs and pockets and fitteds.

Using flushies was a balanced act between minimizing waste and convenience.  To say the truth, I was not too keen on keeping dirty diapers inside the car with me for hours in hot summer weather, even if they’re safely tucked inside a wet bag.

Since I always have this constant fear of running out of anything baby-related, I brought all 6 pairs gPants and a full case of flushies with me.  Obviously I didn’t use even 1/4 of the case.

The only complication was our visit to the beach.  I dressed him in the full gDiapers at the beach, complete with flushies.  I didn’t know better.  Luckily the flushie was only soaked but didn’t explode because he wasn’t in the water for too long. (My little guy HATES cool water.)

For our upcoming trips, I’ll probably still choose gDiapers with flushies over other solutions.

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