Cloth Diapering Day 1

As mentioned in my previous post, I have started building my cloth diaper stash from scratch and most of them decided to arrive on the same day.  While I was excited to try them on immediately, I have been chained to the laundry to wash them at least once (hemp needs 6 times!) before they are ready to be used.

After a full day of washing (by the washer, not me), I have gotten the at least the microfiber inserts and the matching pocket diapers ready.  I dove in and used cloth diapers full-time on DS yesterday.  Here are some of my initial observations:

  • Swaddlebee’s AIO/AI2 was very soft, thanks to the organic cotton velour top layer.  It was the first ever cloth diaper I used and I immediately declared I like side snaps.  I didn’t use the doubler because it was day time.
  • Thirsties AIO was the next one I tried.  It didn’t feel as soft as the Swaddlebee’s because the top layer was microfleece (as most pockets are).  Although I thought I like snaps better, its hook closure can be quite useful with DS–who rolls over onto his tummy in less than 5 seconds every time I change him.
  • Fuzzi Bunz pocket & one-size pocket: I tried both, the sized pocket during the day and one-size pocket with doubler at night.  I thought I would like them before I tried, but they both leaked.  Granted, both inserts in the overnight one was soaked, so it was my fault more than theirs.  But then, the one-size has too many snaps.  We went out for dinner last night and got home late, so DS was overtired when I put the FB OS on.  He was already screaming before I could close one side!
  • Happy Heinys pocket & one-size pocket: I tried both as well.  Even before I actually used them, I was less-than-impressed by the laundry tab–the laundry tab on the left side of the diaper is not long enough for the hooks.  There was slight leaking as well.

Out of all the diapers I tried so far, I would probably split any new order 6:4 between Swaddlebee’s AIO and Thirsties AIO.

One response to “Cloth Diapering Day 1

  1. I like side snaps also, but all snaps take some getting used to. They are so much better in the long run. if you had all velcro you would be kicking yourself when it all starting failing.

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